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The Debate

MickMartin - 19/10/2017 22:11

Heard Dyer was shouting his mouth off about us being deluded would love to snap the little **** in two
Even worse tonight. Got that Simon Jordan and Mark Schwarzer on. Schwarzer is actually quite realistic about us aside from some misinformed stuff but that Crystal Palace bloke, Jordan. Fuck me.

All the stereotypes are out that we dont like Southerners etc. I'll have to find a transcript or link tomorrow like as there'll be fall out from this.


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Did you all know that Simon Jordan provided a big chunk of cash to get Spennymoor Town, to where they are now????

However, he is a despicable ****.

As for the comments about Southerners, he has a point, his lot have fucked up this area, redistributing wealth in the South. He wont like that, but its a fact....
Pleased someone went to the effort of getting this down in text as I wasn't going to do it but here's the jist of last night. See if you can get through it without the piss boiling.

Simon Jordan: “I love Sir John (Hall), I live next door to him in Spain and I have heard the stories of Newcastle on many occasions.

“This is an interesting one. There is a lot of vilification of Mike Ashley. But there should be a lot of commending of the fact he has been there 10 years.

“I know he has two relegations on his watch, but so have West Ham. I look at the fact he has stayed there and got some stability back into the club, he managed to keep Benitez.

“It was interesting to listen to him earlier on in the season when Benitez was harping on about what he could have and what he should have.

“The moment Ashley came out and said ‘I can’t write cheques out’, I knew he was looking for the exit sign.

“This is an interesting one for Newcastle fans. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I spent a lot of time with Freddy Shepherd, Douglas Hall and Sir John Hall and listened to this story about how Newcastle are a big club.

“I always said ‘yes they are a big club - in Newcastle’.

“This expectation that Newcastle fans sometimes have of their club is unrealistic. When Alan Pardew got them into the top five, I think they expected that they would win the league the following season and you could never meet that expectation.

“John was talking about how Ashley wants £300 million. Well this deal gets done at different sorts of levels because Premier League franchises now are worth significant amounts of money.

“Newcastle look, after what was a slightly iffy start, are starting to adjust in the Premier League again and will stabilise in the Premier League again, so that becomes a component of how much the club could go for.

“You look into American Football and the worst team in the NFL, historically, are the Cleveland Browns and they are worth £500 million.

“English clubs are going to attract value. What is Ashley looking for? Well, we will see. Who is going to buy it? Well, we have Amanda Staveley. She is representing Middle-Eastern money - it’s not her money.

“I kind of feel it feels a bit like ‘be careful what you wish for’.

“With respect to John, when he was in charge of Newcastle, there was a segment of fans who wouldn’t have him.

“The Halls had taken a lot of money out of Newcastle and they didn’t like what they did/didn’t do with the club.

“They were Newcastle fans. Ashley has gone in there and he was never going to be accepted because he was a southerner.

“They might get a big bag of money and I don’t want to hear them going on in two years about how the club has no identity if someone takes part of the club as a commercial opportunity and seizes it for a brand.”

Jeff Stelling: “That’s exactly what Mike Ashley has done over the years, he even renamed the stadium after Sports Direct.”

Simon Jordan: “To some extent, I think he has earned the right to do that.

“The idea that Mike bought it to globalise Sports Direct. I think there was a little bit of a competition between him and Paul Kemsley, who was the vice-chairman at Spurs and his big mate, about who could own a football club and who couldn’t.

“I think Mike made some very curious decisions but I also think he had some gumption and he stood there against an onslaught and a backdrop of people not accepting him.

“He did make some strange decisions - Joe Kinnear.”

Mark Schwarzer: “The first one, standing watching the game in the terraces, which at the time was commendable but afterwards he said in hindsight that it was a wrong decision.”

Simon Jordan: “I didn’t do it and I was a Palace fan, so I had more of an affiliation to do it.

“But I think Newcastle are one of those great clubs. John is talking about someone coming in and spending £300 million to buy the club and then spending £500 million to put it into the top six.

“I’m not seeing Newcastle, God love them, going past Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal any time soon - whether it is £500 million or not.”

Mark Schwarzer: “But if you look at it on the face of it, Manchester City, not so long ago, were nowhere near any of those clubs. Now all of a sudden they are one of the best teams in the world.”

Simon Jordan: “But that’s not £500 million. That is a lot more than £500 million.”

Mark Schwarzer: “Of course it is, but it is possible. You have to spend a lot of money but it is possible.

“Knowing Newcastle, it is the biggest club, by far, in the North East. Middlesbrough fans are going to be really upset with me.

“But it is a massive stadium, they have a massive following. The fans in the north-east are incredibly passionate, they wear their heart on their sleeve and that’s probably why they get carried away more than most other fans across the country. They live and die for their club.

“So you can understand the fans’ expectations and their hopes and aspirations to be a club that can compete and win a major trophy.”

Simon Jordan: “But if the expectations are so high and they are unrealistically high, and you don’t deliver upon them, what you have is the next thing, which is just as bad and that is disillusioned fans.”

Mark Schwarzer: “There is a period now where they are still appreciating being back in the Premier League.

“I think the fact they have got someone like Rafa Benitez already in charge there is a coup.

“The season they got relegated, I was surprised he went from Real Madrid to Newcastle and he stayed during the Championship.

“So Mike Ashley has to take an incredible amount of credit for being able to do that.

“That in itself is a great carrot for potential buyers to have a manager of his calibre in charge.”


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Simon Jordan, is a southern puff.

And like all southern puff's, like to have an opinion on a club and supporters, he knows absolutely fuck-all about.