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The County 2 Pools 1 on the tele thread


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Videos here when they become available.

Great to see County playing another 'proper' club and kudos to the travelling Pools fans.
Nice to see part of the Railway End open again - another little sign that the club is beginning to get off it's sick-bed after all these years.

Like much of the opposition this season, I think Hartlepool had the better technical players but Jim's organisation and the noise from the Cheadle End (and Pop Side... please note BT Sport.. the noise from under your commentary box was from Yellow Block and that elite group of gob-sh... er.. passionate Stockport County fans .... BT Sport... dear me).

Thought we just about deserved it but had we drawn we could point to the last quarter of the game where we were pressed back into our own third... yet again, defending as if our lives depended upon it.

New loanees T Walker and Leesley (yes at last Leesley) do look to have strengthened the side considerably.

Overriding thought is.. PHEW!

Another crucial 3 points.


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Agree regarding the attitude to JG but am annoyed by the Commentators-
Doesn't it aggravate you listening to TV Football commentators. They are all on about us not winning in 6 and then we go 2 up. So they are then on about how it needs Hartlepools (they say the better side) to score to "make a game of it" - I thought I had been watching a game! Then Hartlepools pull a goal back so it's suddenly become an exciting game with the away side going for the equaliser which will panic County and as Hartlepools have scored late in recent games they could "snatch" a winner.

Pass the sick bag - I turn the sound down these days!


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My default setting when County are on the TV is that the commentators/editors/cameraman are all against us! Cannot get over the commentator saying all the noise now coming from the Hartlepool Fans..... cue shot of the County Yellow Block massive in full voice. Their play-list of songs are so obviously Stockport and they are right underneath the gantry. Was the commentator actually at the game or in a studio in London?

Anyway... found a fan video of the match (goals missed but Bells miss on 2:30 not missed) ... just nice for exiles to sample the atmosphere.



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Yes. I tried to explain on the Pools forum that this was NOT the same County side that had performed so badly over recent games, and come the end of the season this may not be viewed as such a bad result.

Hartlepool looked half-decent to me. Interested to see who comes in for them now and whether come May things will have changed much.

In Jim WE trust though ;)


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Think that the Ex Sunderland man Jack Ross may be a candidate but would he want to go non league.

Off up to Stockport now for the Daggers game.
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