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The County 1 Moors 4 Thread.


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Video 'highlights' will be available soon... as will the gaffers post-match chat.
I'll probably watch Bully's goal before half-time but don't think watching us get stuffed by a team that didn't even exist even a few years back it too much to stomach.

Yours, miserably


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4 minutes 30... about Moor being fulltime ... "they ARE fulltime, they are NOT playing at fulltime"

9 minutes 50 "how professional does this fulltime look"

No doubt Jim Gannon is putting it out there for us all to see... we have done well with what we've got... but off the pitch we do need to move up a gear and up a level and match the half a dozen or so well-funded teams in this league,


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Very interesting comments. Is James getting frustrated? He can clearly see the gulf between all the squad being full time and only some of them. My friend, the Northampton Town stalwart, tells me that Flowers was a coach at The Cobblers under Chris Wilder. It appears that he is building Solihull in the same image as Sheffield United.
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