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The Conor Hourihane Thread

Well, I'm not going to be two-faced about it.
Decent Championship player, who just isn't athletic or fast enough for the Prem, simple as.
Good set piece player and if we could bring kickers on like that mickey mouse Yank version of the game, he'd still be a great asset.
Otherwise, totally anonymous and not good enough for where we are now.

Fair play to him for not being willing to just sit on his arse though.
Swansea's a right jaunt and he must be moving there to sign. I'd have thought he'd have gone to Forest, but says a lot about him.

Seems we might have Sanson coming in as a replacement. Makes sense.
Whatever, cheers Conor: next!

Melon Donkey

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Really saw his value when he had better players around him but more so an expansive coach to play under.
Under Bruce he used to boil my piss with his sideways, backwards safety first passing that looked great in stats but didn’t affect the game . But he still had that knack of scoring goals , which in any league for a midfielder is priceless .

My piss was cooled massively when he played under Smith. Added more incisive passing, more effective passing to his game no doubt was told to, the goals still came aswell . I wouldn’t have got rid now as it goes because of our squad thinness but if he wants to play then fair enough.

Great pro, servant, fully part of one of the most enjoyable periods of a season in years and years and last but not least ......that goal.......:love::love::love::love::love::love:.

Nice one Conor . Good luck :utv:


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For me, Conor called out the “PlayStation generation” for not being interested in working hard and improving a few seasons back. He also recognised that Jack was “too good” for last years team (of which he was a part). He was right.

The guy is an honest, decent pro, but Aston Villa have now passed his level and it’s a good time for him to move on. I wish him well and thank him for the memories. Not many players remain from the Championship winning season......and that’s a good thing IMHO.


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Hopefully he does well at Swansea, they get themselves promoted and we get 10MM or so out of them.

If we do that Sanson is net 5MM and we can sit back and thank the amazing turnaround this club has had in every single way.


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Perhaps before suggesting it was a ridiculous decision to let him go we should give the £14m player we’ve just signed chance to play. I think there’s a more than decent decent chance he’ll prove to be a better player than Conor. He’ll do well for Swansea in the championship and it’s in our interests that he does so we can make a bit of money selling him. Great pro but that really is his level.


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He has barely played this season and we have just signed a higher calibre central midfielder so I just do not see how letting him go was 'ridiculous', seems like the right thing to do for both parties.
I expect we will see this thread pop up every time we lose and Hourihane takes a corner for Swansea, just like the Scott Hogan thread every time he scores for Blues. It's all forgotten about when we win of course.
At HT yesterday we were purring about how good we were, at FT we are discussing fecking Conor Hourihane really?


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There is no proof at this stage that Sanson is a higher calibre player. I also doubt he will hit the ground running in the premier league, maybe next season he will if he settles and adapts to the league. Letting Hourihane go this season has weakened us. Then again some fans had Hourihane as the scapegoat whatever so won't see objectively ever.