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Does anyone know how the Browns are getting on without Randy Lerner, are they better for it or worse?


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I think it's quite important to see how they're doing David if I'm honest. They used to have the same owner as us... Then he sold them. It would be interesting to know if he sold them to any tom dick and Harry or if he actually sold them to someone decent.... Because one day in the near future my friend, this might be happening to us.
This season the Browns have gone 4-12 and have just fired their coach. The new owner is under FBI investigation and is telling the fans that he cares about the team and will find a new coach (and staff, it seems) that will win.

I am not holding my breath. We have been told that before.


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He sold the Browns to guy under investigation by the this means Lerner will sell Villa to Carson Yeung (who incidently was one of the folks bidding to buy us from Douglas). At least there will be some continuity - Carson wouldn't be likely to come to the UK much either lol


It does seem Randy will sell to the highest bidder as the bloke who bought the Browns i read was something to do with there biggest rivals and it pee'd off some of the fans i would just be happy with a less wealthy owner who knows about football like the Swans chairman they can build a club up because they have a proper plan not just let any manager sort the club out and have to rebuild it when the manager leaves as we do, instead a proper owner has things in place to keep the club building iof a manager leaves and they pick a certain style of manager
I don't blame him for selling to the highest bidder. He is a businessman, he sold the Browns for more than $1 Billion. Jimmy Haslam was at one time a part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and yes we hate the Steelers. If Jimmy Haslam wants to spend over a billion dollars and cheer for our rival that is just bad business.

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Was Randy's biggest mistake, as I'm sure I've seen some say over the last few years, hiring poor manager/coaches or did it run deeper?

The parallel for me is how well the infrastructure seems to have been set up at the browns (I've visited the training ground and the actual ground) which echoes the improvements at Bodymoor and Villa Park.

Fair amount of money spent as well. But still poor teams.


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Ok, so Randy made several mistakes while owning the Browns. He NEVER talked to the fans and that made it seem he really didn't care about the team (which turned out to be true, his father did). The coaches, presidents, etc "he" hired seemed good on paper but did not turn out to be good in reality.

As for the stadium, it is going to be going through a $120 million dollar upgrade soon. Here is a link with more about that:

As for the new owner firing our most recent coach after ONE YEAR here is an article about how the players feel:

So it seems, that the Browns can't win. Very frustrating, however many fans are saying that they are done with the team. I'm guessing these are the same people who said they were done with the team earlier in the season when we traded Trent Richardson to the Colts, and last season, and a million times before. Real Browns fans can't quit being a fan. It is part of who they are, why would anyone chose to be a Browns fan?