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The Championship Thread


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The wording of the statement makes it sound like Howe’s decision and they expect him to take a sabbatical.

With that in mind expect him to rock up at Palace as Hodgson is ‘retired’.

mr ron

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My Bournemouth supporting mates are thinking Chris Hughton is going to be the replacement, very gutted Howes gone a very popular guy down here. If they get Hughton they will be in and around the promotion race.


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Eddie did an amazing job at Bournemouth, but always leaked a lot of goals albeit in the Premier League.

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I always think it is beneficial having a rival like Notts county doing well (though not too well). Having them in league one or two I would see as being beneficial to Forest. We can loan some of our youth team members to them to get experience without them having the upheaval of moving home and can easily keep an eye on them. I think good old friendly rivalry goes a long way. Forests best period in their history was shortly after Derby’s. A strong Liverpool side often coincides with a strong Everton side and so on. Not always but often for it to offer something. Leics doing well At present could spur us on and/or Derby. Notts being back in league may be good for Forest.