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The Business/Finance/Economics Thread


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One of the TA guys I follow reckons Bitcoin is going back to $14-16k. If you bought in at $60k, ouch!
I think its as likely to hit 20 as it is to hit 50 - who knows, its use case is much more limited compared to $ETH or a true purpose-built digital currency. From what I see and hear ETH will eventually overtake it in market cap. $BTC just seems to be consensus and its the most widely known.

I've about 5% of my entire investment holdings in crypto (most of that is $ETH). The only thing I dont own which I'd like to have is $250-500 worth of Solana.


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It looks like BABA shares have bottomed out. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on them.

I sort of have two conflicting ideas in my head.

1) during the pandemic everything that could be done online was done online. Online stuff will continue to do well but it's not going to see the same growth.

2) online stuff is the future