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The British public

Oh Leeds can moan, justifiably and just because they believe they are the most hard done by club in the world. It's not immediately attractive but has a peculiar charm after a while. I hear lots of people saying they only like their own club, hate all others and couldn't care less about England even enjoy them losiing. None of this is unique to Liverpool but they do have a clear idea of who they are and that makes many others envious.

Proper Yorkies genuinely believe they are best at absolutely everything, at least the men.
how to tell a
Really bad taste but genuinely made me laugh.

Reminded me of when we was in Lanzagrotty in January.
A very large and loud man, wearing a Yorkshire CC shirt sitting around the pool with his Mrs.
A young German family took the beds adjacent and he struck up a conversation.
I said to my wife, how long before he says he’s from Yorkshire?
About three minutes 😁
Then I said how long before he brings up Brexit?
About another five minutes.
Then I said I reckon he’ll go for the holy trinity.
He won’t mention the war, she said.
I bet you he does, I replied.

Yep !
Five minutes later 😁

We were wetting ourselves but this guy had no self awareness at all.

To be fair to the German family, he was so broad that I don’t think that they understood everything he said.

The following day, he was telling a different family that he was from Yorkshire 😂
easy way to identify a true tyke , just ask them if they have spent any money during the day!!!!!!!!!!.
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