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The brand spanking new GOOD News thread


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Weather getting you down?
Tough times financially?
Team doing your head in?
Life kicking you in the teeth again?

Well worry not because in this thread every piece of news is GOOD.

So if you have any non-football related good news you would like to share with the Vital Villa army post it here. Spread some cheer and give yourself and everyone on here a boost by telling us your glad tidings.


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I'll start - two days until I break up for Christmas. Heating is now fixed so the home is nice and toasty and I've just received my first bit of pay before Christmas.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I was able to park ok at Sainsbury, got everything apart from one thing that I needed and have got home in one piece.


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I`ve had a £200 Xmas bonus from work.
Thomson have sent a £50 apology payment
The Pru have sent a £50 apology payment
And i get a £50 annual payment for being a first aider.

Minted !

As whatsisname said........Loadsa money !
Now i can lump the lot on a 3-1 Villa win at Stoke :17:


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Villan Of The North - 18/12/2013 15:12

More good news for Fear, there is a reasonable chance of him seeing me during the course of the next couple of weeks. Lucky him!
And the good news for you, young man, is that the Preston Temple will be open next Thursday and Friday (27th and 28th) and the following Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
(And you'd get to see Mrs BBJ and myself there as well.)


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1. I have 8 more shifts left as a Student Nurse. Then it'll be Staff Nurse.
2. I start my job at City Hospital on January 14th.. and am in the running for an even better job in the Community in the new year.
3. I'm not cooking christmas dinner, we are going to my brothers.
4. Rich is getting back to his normal self.. meaning i have to do less for him- which is great in itself.
5. 2014 should be good, University ball, Graduation ceremony and of course my job. And also a house move with a bit of luck.
6. 2013 has been a bloomin good year personally.


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staying in stratford overnight tomorrow.... will be nice to relax before the christmas period kicks off. It'll also be nice not to be on call for the first time this month!!


I have just survived two birthdays that followed each other for my boys 2 and 3, Charlie's was yesterday and William's is today but the amount of cake n crao i have eaten has not harmed me yet so alls good!