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The Big Vital Lincoln City World Cup 2018 Thread!


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I've been meaning to start this thread for a few days, but I've spent a bit of time away from the Site recently!

So, here's the thread where you can talk about the 2018 World Cup.

I think we'll have separate threads for the England games, though.

Luke Imp

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Brazil, France or Germany for this. Brazil are in incredible form going into the WC, France have unbelievable squad depth but there are question marks over whether Deschamps can/will get the best out of them and the Germans are just their usual efficient self.

I like watching the South American teams. Shame Chile didn't qualify, but Mexico are usually a decent watch.

I don't think they'll win it, but Uruguay at 25's seems long when you see Argentina at 10's (admittedly there's the Messi factor there, no doubt).


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This will be my first and last look at this thread. I am afraid apathy rules when it comes to the WC these days.

I bet you won't be apathetic if England actually do well!

It's always the same in football. It was only two or so years ago that the Lincoln public were apathetic towards Lincoln City. Win some matches and they are all out of the woodwork.

Same with international football. The Premier League has very nearly killed our national team so lots of people are apathetic.

I actually think there are signs that things are starting to turn round. Some young talent coming through and more on the horizon and some now going abroad to improve rather than languish in reserve teams and drifting into oblivion.

I am looking forward to The World Cup and I feel that the England team are starting on the up. Although I am not expecting miracles this World Cup.


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Germany for me to win this. The French always have an argument in them, South Americans tend not to perform well in Europe, Spanish possibly past their best.
Although interesting article on BBC suggesting that history backs the Belgians to win it.


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Always love the World Cup personally. All down to being allowed to stay up late on school days during Argentina 78 and seeing some thumping goals in that tournament. Arie Haan shooting from everywhere for the Dutch and a bendy Brazilian goal in the 3/4 match.

So those who aren't bothered enjoy your summer. I will be sat on the sofa watching as many as I can on free to air TV


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Absolutely love this assessment from CBS Sports in America doing a lowdown on all the teams at The World Cup:-

We are in the category headed

What about the teams with no shot of winning it all?

England: Same language as us in the states, obviously. Well known players from throughout the Premier League will attract many. Same chance as winning the cup as USA. :lol: