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The Best Batman?

The Best Batman

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I've never seen any of those things and never will, but a friend of mine who's a bit of cinephile reckons he's a better actor than he's given credit for.

Still seems too young and teeny boppy face for me, but I suppose the new film is about Batman's early stage.


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Well, surely if he was a better actor he'd be given credit for the things he's been in? Okay, the films weren't that bad and maybe Batman is now something that 'makes him' and takes away the puffy shit I've unfortunately seen him in - but I'm not going to pause my lungs in anticipation.

Certainly don't dislike the bloke, nor in Twiglit the lady actor alongside him, but I was left thinking 'if only they could act'.

But I am biased, Adam West will never be beaten, nor will Heath Ledger as Joker in my humble. The Batman lad in Gotham is good, but still doesn't feel 'right' to me if that makes sense.
To be honest Mike, I don't think I've ever seen him in anything, I'm just going on what my mate said as he's obviously seen him in a few movies since and has gained some respect for him at least.

It certainly didn't feel right to me either at first but I suppose everyone deserves a chance. Nobody was happy about Michael Keaton being cast either and that was before the internet!

I'll agree on Heath Ledger as Joker but Adam West? Sorry. No.


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Best batman? Batfink! Remember that.

Batman isnt like superman, where there was really only one man who nailed the role and noone will ever get close to what christopher reeve did. Reeve WAS superman and he WAS clarke Kent.

I think I prefer Bale. But I liked keaton. What does annoy me with bale though is when he is batman his voice is a little too husky. I struggle to understand what he says sometimes but he is by far the better actor.

Still. Superman is by far the best superhero. (Christopher reeve version only)


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The two Tim Burton movies are the best for me. Dark Knight runs them close though. Tim Burton did the best in capturing the mood of Gotham City IMO.

Dark Knight is great but largely driven by Heath Ledger and to be honest Nolan stole/ borrowed/ paid homage to a lot of things that Michael Mann did in Heat.