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The Bertrand Traore Thread


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I think he will be better next season, seems to be the pattern with signings, they are improved.
I posted something earlier in the Dean Smith thread about that..... makes a nice change to have signings getting better, as opposed to those "young and hungry" signings of yesteryear like Helenius, Okore et al who managed to virtually destroy their own careers in a short time while in B6.....
Bert has had a successful first season back in the Prem. I'm a big fan of the guy and he will get better next season. His goals and assists have been fairly decent and he's been a pleasure to watch even though he can frustrate us at times.
I'm pleased he's in the squad and alongside Marti, Cashy and Watkins he has rounded off what was an excellent window for us. He's our Saint- Maximin...only better. Still only 25.


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Bert for me is a classic "doesn't even know what he's going to do himself" type player.

I think @Villa 4 Ever is right in that theres probably much more hope for Bert than AEG. I want Anwar to succeed but I think if someone offers 15-20MM you probably have to take it.

For now I think Bert needs real competition to get the best out of him. There needs to be someone who can consistently put in the work and plays on the right hand side.


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Drives me up the wall. But he has end product which is highly valuable, he just needs to make sure that doesn’t start drying up or fans will start to turn.

I don’t mind he can’t tackle, I don’t overly mind he’s a shit marker. What I do want to see though is just a bit more effort to at least be in a position where a player has to whip a ball in around you or run past you, rather than have all the time in Aston to pop a cross off.

If 1 in 3 of those crosses hit him or a player can’t get around him, he becomes more of an asset defensively.

It’s also his play in just normal game situations needs a lot more work, he’s a player that has been carried too often this season.

Benefit of the doubt, plenty of alarm bells but a solid pre-season and a bit of coaching will hopefully see him improve all round.
He announced himself with a stunning goal against Bristol in the Carabao Cup and many thought it to be a fluke.

He then made us aware of how unconventional he was with his goal against the Tesco's

And then he finished the season with another sublime finish against Chelski

He is some player - frustrating I agree!! He has the talent, that is a given and he just needs to up his workrate to help out a little when the FB is getting overloaded. The talent cannot be coached in at his age but the workrate can be improved on the training pitches. I am looking forward to seeing him next season


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I've enjoyed the skill but I can't make my mind up whether he's inconsistent or unpredictable. Is there any point giving a player like him defensive responsibilities?
Is he playing in the World Cup?

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Obviously vast levels of difference, but from experience of playing with a niggling groin injury is a horrible little injury - it plays on your mind every time you kick the ball.

I’m glad there is something injury related, because it means once that is resolved he should come back stronger. Yes, his stats were good but we need to add more to his game (whilst keeping those stats up).
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