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The Aston Villa Kit Thread 2018 - Luke Roper Shirt

I just cant understand Villa fans.

Two weeks aho Red Bull were an absolute no no because they "will change our kit".

Then a Villa fan does exactly the same and "its fine".

I have said now since MON left, Villa has lost its identity, and this is one example.

When I go on hols, i will see football shirts from all over the world. You can see them a mile off...... "there is a Man U fan" "there is a Liverpool fan".

What will people see of someone in a Villa shirt..... "who is that ?" and for the more knowledgable.... "bloody hell, you dont see many Scunthorpe shirts do you".

That kit is Scunthorpe , NOT Aston Villa.

Imagine if Newcastle did this ? Well, you cant coz they wouldnt would they !
I am sure Newcastle have a new kit every season as well.


The Shackles Are Off!
As soon as I saw the interview with Luke Roper when he talked about the 88-90 kits being his favorites I feared the worst. I am with the others that say Aston Villa’s shirt should have blue sleeves. This looks like something Burnley would wear.
Having said all that, it could be worse.


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I am not a massive fan of the home shirt. There isn’t enough blue for my liking, we are claret and blue not claret and darker claret. I’m sure we will get used to it though. Having 32 red all over the front makes everything much worse but I think that’s just the way football is with sponsorship. For £50 I think I will save my money but each to their own.. I will still be wearing my “champions of Europe” shirt for home games next season
I like it.

As was mentioned earlier, it's basically a revamp of the Le Coq Sportif kit from circa 1983-85. I'm unlikely to buy one as I'm not mad on replica shirts, especially the modern polyester-type things. Do prefer a retro kit in cotton myself.