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The Ashes Thread

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
For all England v Australia cricket and The Ashes talk.

Can I humbly suggest if you don't like cricket, this thread is not for you and to close the door on the way out.



Has a high horse
I will be driving to Scotland on Wednesday , talk about bad timing.
Really looking forward to this series. The Aussie seamers are good, spin options limited, I expect dry hard wickets.
Englands Top order need to perform better than against NZ.


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I said to an England supporter back in March the aussies would win this whilst he laffed at me because they were in the process of getting white washed by the indians.

I stand by that prediction. It's a funny thing the ashes. England won in 2005 cos McGrath trod on a ball. They won in 2009 because Panesar blocked for 40 minutes. 2007 and 2010/11 went to the better team, but it doesn't always go to form. Funny things happen in the ashes. Changing their management and their batting line up two weeks before the fight begins make the aussies look unprepared. But it's a funny ol game, eh greavsie.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Looking forward to the series, hope we don't become complacent, nothing beats winning against the Aussies!


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England to win 3-0 can't see the Aussies winning a test, the odd session yes but not a whole test.

I almost called in sick today so I could watch the first days play lol


This is the most morbid thread ive seen on here ffs, discussing being cremated isn't my cup of tea :5:


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Yeah sirdennis its all going a bit pete tong Bairstow playing well though reckon 300 would give us a good chance though


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300 I wish, with Swann, Finn and Anderson still to come I think we will be lucky to get 230/240. But this is typical to me, an overcast day, ideal bowling conditions for Anderson, Broad etc, win the toss and bat first.