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The Anwar El Ghazi Thread


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We probably got away with it last season with Elmo at RB due to Snoddgrass’ work rate and defensive work in front of him. Put someone in front not at the same level and we might see a lot of issues with Elmo.
Let’s hope this new fella is up to the job.


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Decent start I thought. Looks quick and has a few tricks in his locker. Good cross for the goal as well. Looks like he can do some damage at this level.

The Fear

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Thought we were awful today as a crowd, Wednesday night rocked. So nice he thinks that was good, wait til he hears us in full voice.

Looked promising today, wanted to get forward, good crosses, wanted to shoot.

Pride of Lions

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Thought Anwar started well. I'm sure when he gets up to speed with his fitness with a couple of games under his belt he'll do nicely.

Keep it up Anwar.

Melon Donkey

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What he really wanted to tweet was.
" I'm going to tear my agent a new one for not putting one of those 30 day cooling off clauses allowing me to change my mind'


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He's done OK considering the whole teams been struggling. Assist and a goal in 4 games isn't a bad return. He'll be fine.


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I notice the dreaded words "my agent" croping up again. These parasites are the scourge of the modern game. As an aside I have to laugh when I recall a fan sat by me on his Villa Park debut singing his praises, by the time he played his third game he was "fucking useless". Quick to judge or what.