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The Anwar El Ghazi Thread

Hopefully he will hit the ground running.

If we had better quality delivery from the wide areas last night we could have scored 4 or 5 and hopefully El Ghazi will provide that.


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Well, I'm not sure about him at all. Did you see him at the game last night? Hardly looked interested. What kind of an attitude is that? Get rid.


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Thought I might as well start a thread for the new loan-with-a-view-to-buy signing, Anwar El Ghazi, so we can all lay into him after his first game where he fails to play like Lionel Messi, Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo combined :lol:

On a serious note, welcome Anwar, here's to a very successful career at B6 in the famous claret and blue (although not blue sleeves).

Excellent, will be nipping round his tonight with a Watneys 7 and some
prawn vol au vents


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Must admit I had never heard of him up to a few days ago. Oh well either it is another McGinn type signing or a Tonev at least it is just aloan at the moment.


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He was introduced at half time, so he's met most of us. Think the crowd was excellent last night.......yet again. Hopefully a massive crowd for Saturday.
I am sure we have all done the "youtube" review and after being fooled by Tonev a few years ago I withhold judgement. But I do feel he is going to be good for us …..Welcome ….
I've never heard of him before. Seems excited to be here based on the video of his arrival.
I hope he at least is an upgrade for Elmo up the wing. Elmo's crossing the other night wasn't up to par, more often than not it hit the first defender, although that gave us lots of corners.

Good luck to your Villa career Anwar, hope it is long and successful.
Looking forward to seeing him today, Bruce said he'd be involved so I',m guessing he'll be the one replacing Albert or Axel at some point. :utv: