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The All New TV Thread


Vital Football Hero
Tropic of Cancer presented by Simon Reeve. Excellent travel programme. The first leg I’ve seen takes you east through Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Dubai finishing in Oman.Seeing how migrant workers are treated in Dubai gives pause for thought. Utter medieval disgrace. Oman looked like the only place I’d like to visit.
Don’t know how I missed this series.
I must go back and download the earlier legs.

Melon Donkey

Vital Football Legend
Kipchoge: The Last Milestone.

Documentary on the athlete Eliud Kipchoge‘s attempt to run the first sub 2 hour marathon.

Throws up various questions in terms of how the feat was achieved

Excellent . As are most Sky documentaries offerings . Good channel .


One Bloody Number
I've never watched a single second of any of the first 6 seasons of Love Island.

But the current season I've not missed a single second.

Please feel free to remove my man badge, my testicles and make fun of me for the rest of my pityful little life.

(It's good though)


Vital Football Legend
I watched The Investigator. It's an English guy investigating a 30 year old disappearance of a woman. As you can imagine, after 30 years, there was no new evidence to find and everyone involved looked guilty as sin. The husband is already in prison for it and wrote a confession (which he later retracted) so I'm not even sure what he was trying to investigate. Stupid, stretched out, nonsense.

It turns out yer man got out last year.
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