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The All New TV Thread


One Bloody Number
I have great news!!!

Theres loads more new Borat on Prime!!! And it's brilliant!! :wahey::wahey:

Firstly there is a 30 minutes outtakes from the 2nd movie film that came out last year.

Secondly there is a whole new series called 'Borats American Lockdown'. Think there's 6 episodes. I'm watching the first one now and it's hilarious!



One Bloody Number
OK so the series isn't quite what I thought.

The first episode is funny. It's based on the time borat spent in lockdown with Jim and Jerry the redneck conspiracy theorists.

The next 5 episodes are just short 10 minutes films with experts chatting to Jim and Jerry debunking the conspiracies they believe.

Still worth a watch.


Vital Football Legend
Can't remember if it's been mentioned. But anyone bothered with The Nevers. Not that far through it but gives me a very heavy female led X-Men vibe at the moment.

Not great, but very watchable so far.

Melon Donkey

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Sky Arts .
Noel Gallagher - Out of the Now.

Specially recorded live performance and interview. Really good. His views on the charts and the ending of Oasis pretty much how I see it/saw it. He is my musical hero bar none.

I know he has had some views on the pandemic which I do not agree with but this did make me chuckle…(said tongue in cheek)
‘I wrote Wonderwall and Don’t look back in anger in the same week . If that doesn’t make me exempt from wearing a mask….’
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The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Colony was disappointing in the end, no 4th season and left totally unfinished at the end of the 3rd. Wish these tv companies would stop doing that, they could at least do a finishing episode!

Snowfall is fairly good.