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The All New TV Thread

Melon Donkey

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As recommended by our esteemed colleague Mr DeanoVilla just watched When they see us .

Must watch.

Unbelievable.This wasn't even that long ago either. And Trump was interfering into it aswell. What a kick in the guts it must have been to so many when he got voted in.


I speak from a point of total ignorance
Got round to watching the first episode of the latest series of Line of Duty last night.
Managed thirty minutes. It seems very ham compared to previous series of this brilliant programme.
It would appear that women officers have totally taken over the police force in the higher ranks, with the Scottish women who runs the show very irritating.
Great pity because wife and I really liked this programme, and she was the first to say she couldnt be bothered watching it.


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He was in the film.

Don't think he's in any of the series.

I've actually never seen the film, but the 3 seasons of the TV boxsets I've seen have been amazing.
Loved the film, and remember a series called Fargo but I genuinely only remember lots of ice/snow scenes where it was set - so wasn't sure if I was conflating the two.

I might have to dive back in as the first two series look familiar with the actors after IMDBing it, but clearly missed the 3rd series full stop.

Cheers lads.


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Bit left field as 'some' are of the wiser persuasion to me.

But anyone been watching the snooker programmes on BBC the last week and a bit. Only knowing bits about Davis, Higgins, Taylor etc but not from their heydays, I've found it fascinating at how good they were in their plomp - particularly compared to the better players nowadays 'O'Sully ilk aside' who I think are very average.