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The All New TV Thread

Watched the 2nd episode of Sally For Ever.

It's not belly laugh funny but it is funny in a very uncomfortable way.

Having said that I did laugh out loud at the granny catching them both scissoring. Never seen such explicit scenes in a sitcom before.

The Fear

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Not strictly 'new TV' but can't be bothered to find the relevant thread for this, but I have ordered Sky Q finally. Although I have forgotten to clear it with Mrs JPA, so I'm hoping she doesn't notice for a while yet!

Due to be installed in a couple of weeks and I'm getting an extra box for multiroom. Any good?
It is brilliant, found it so much better than previous boxes, had a lot of issues with other ones but this one has been reliable (the odd re-set needed) and fabulous navigation etc. Plus you can record loads at the same time whilst watching something. 7 or 8 I think.
Watching The Festival of Remembrance on BBC 1.

I won't mind admitting it's got me tonight. So many stories old and new and the music and songs are so poignant.

(And of all the things it was the story about the Labrador Bomb dog and his owner who died in Afghanistan after electing to stay on past the end of their scheduled tour).
Very moving MD.

Will be off to the Rememberance day service in Shirley as we do every year.

My Great Grandfather has died in the first world war and is on the wall of rememberance at Thiepval as he has no grave. My Mom has his medals and we had them framed for her for a Christmas present a couple of years ago. She has been to Thiepval and said it is beuatiful and incredibly sad at the ame time.

We must go there one day.


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I watched a few episodes of Ray Donavan. It's very old fashioned. The hero, Ray, doesn't talk much and he isn't afraid to throw a few punches to get the job done but underneath he's got a heart of gold. I think my dad would love it.