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The All New TV Thread

Melon Donkey

Vital Football Hero
After 2 seasons of absolute durge. The Walking Dead could well be returning to form after last nights first episode

Can't believe it was all Pam Ewings dream though . Didn't see that coming.


One Bloody Number
Any Flight Of The Conchords fans?

Sky Atlantic are showing their latest live tour (from the Apollo theatre in London).

I had tickets to see it in Birmingham, but then Bret went and broke his arm and they had to re-arrange.... new date was when I was on holiday.

Gutted to miss it, but good to be able to watch it on TV.

Watched the start of it last night and it was brilliant. 2 new songs. Both hillarious.

It's on Catch Up if you have it, if not it's on Sky Atlantic again on Thursday at 10:45PM

Finally got round to watching the rest of it last night on cathup. SOOOOOO funny.

The last song before the encore... I was struggling to breathe I was laughing so much.

Well recomommended even if you've never seen the Conchords before.... I'm looking at you Mr @The Fear


One Bloody Number
Watched Gordon,Gino and Fred tonight thought it was quality Gino de'campo is hilarious.
Agreed. I always watch anything Gino is in as he's completely bonkers.

Thought him and Gordon are good together, but what on earth is Fred there for? He contributes nothing, says nothing, or when he does talk just repeats what Gordon said. Strange.


Vital Champions League
Thought they were all good, you'll see more of Fred for the next one as it's his home country.
Just come in here to say the same thing it will be more focussed on Fred next week. But agree with Deano (funnily enough lol )Gordon and Gino compliment each other perfectly total opposites that's hilarious to watch can't wait for next week now.


One Bloody Number
Just saw a trailer for a new comedy starting on Sky Atlantic called Sally4Ever.

Looks promising. Created by Julia Davis who I thought was absolutely brilliant in Nighty Night. (Such an underrated comedy)

Also got Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen) in so must be good.

Pride of Lions

Vital Football Legend
I binged watched killing eve. It’s outstanding. After watching the bodyguard im now catching uo
In in the line of duty (I know it’s old but it passed me by).

Yes, we're watching Killing Eve, and you're right tonyr, it is outstanding.

I also watched Press, which I found to be good too.



Vital Football Legend
Err.. not sure I'd describe it as that mate, but it's not a barrel of laughs!
You know the way The Sopranos or The Wire were pretty serious most of the time but they had a few jokes and some intrigue in there too.

I watched a season or two of Line of Duty but it was so grim that I felt depressed watching it. It was just miserable all the way through. I don't want to watch more of that.