The Alain pardeux contribution thread


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For those who care. Lets give this our best shot. Get us through pre season
P-M has taken the plunge therefore is the keyholder. It's a big responsibility we don't want to overkill it, but I'd say the best of a few witty contributions from us TOTT crowd should keep it alive.
Plats I expect you to be on the ball with some expert Pardish.

Anybody who's too cool for Twatter can just chip in here I suppose, others, lets do our best to get #pardish trending. It's all in good fun.

This thread can have another purpose. It's become a bit of a pastime for us negative types to gripe about Pardew over the last few weeks, and as we appreciate this can be somewhat of a bore to the other happy clapping members of this forum, with a sunnier disposition.
Therefore this thread can act as our "Pardish"portal. Free from those who seem to take offence. and a haven for us who's negativety appears to be dragging the whole club down.

Fire away....



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Cracking idea Pedro. I'll be happy to put any good ideas from others through my Pardish2000 language converter. I'll have to make some adjustments to get it down to 140 characters for twatter.

Now to have a think about a few possible entries...

*cracks knuckles*


"One fing peopuw have gotta rememba abart footbaw, it's not cricket."

"I won't mislead the fans, if they're misled, it's because they're following the wrong path. That's not my garden."

"The NUFC recipe - I'll take a pinch of flair, a dollop of pizazz, a tablespoon of spirit. What have you got? Exactly, je ne sais quoi."



This could keep our spirits up all summer.

Let's face it, individually we are funny as fuck. Collectively, we could become worldwide renowned.


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Bearing in mind the similarity in his comments to Del Boy, who is renowned for Trotters Independent Trading, known as TITs, with Pardew's Independent Trading, is he the PITs?