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The 2018 World Cup

They have and their equaliser hadn’t been coming. I note called for his ‘body position’ but no one mentions Young not cutting out the cross.

I also don’t think Lingard will pass to Sterling

Croatian tails are up. England need to get a grip and soon or they’d could be out.

THIS is where they need to stand up and be counted
Assistant on the far side is as bent as a five bob note.

Clear corner earlier and now the Ball is out for an England throw and he fails to give the decisions our way.

I wonder if the Raheem-bashing will stop now.
I sincerely doubt it. Despite the fact that others were poor tonight - Alli, Lingard, Henderson & even Kane - some will find reason to continue to question him. Imagine if it had been him and not Kane that had failed to square the ball ........
Unlucky England, did themselves proud to be fair, beaten by a technically superior side tonight but have had a great World Cup. They can all come home with their heads held high.


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Watched the footie and all I could think was that it was an opportunity missed. Not to get to a World Cup Final but for a game of Elimination Bingo based on who Gareth Southgate hugged at the final whistle. 23 squad members with players having a card with 12 numbers on it should be workable.

These players are young enough to participate in future tournaments, many regular bingo players are of an age where that cannot be taken for granted. FIFA needs to act.
I think this shows that English football is on an upward trend. More is needed more from the midfield. They were getting over run, and after they took Raz off, the Croats really bombed forward. But, they never gave up, and were beaten by a better team on this night. Another day and it might have been different. It's time to put the English defeatism to bed, and realise that this squad is only going to get better.
I the end they just didn’t have enough for a more experienced Croatian team but there will be a lot of positives to come out of this tournament. The midfield lacked someone to control the game à la Modric - perhaps young Phil Foden can grow into that kind of role in time. Disappointing that they couldn't take that final step but they can, in time, reflect upon how much prouder they have made everyone of the England team - a markedly contrast to the aftermath of Euro 2016 :clap:


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Far more plusses than minuses - only obvious thing lacking from this team is a Merlin/Red Kev figure, a #10 who can unlock defences with key opening accuracy. Apart from Young all are of an age that they could all be back at the next World Cup, and all should improve too. Plus the Stockport Iniesta will be 22...


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Souness laces into Ali and Rashford big time. And hes spot on. Implies they are show ponies. Gives a bit of stick to Stones for ball watching for the winner. Eff knows what Trippier was doing a moment before.

Overall RS has been treated very well by the pundits. And rightly so. He was brilliant in the first half. Get home lad and get the contract signed.