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Thank you Gillingham FC Shop


Vital 1st Team Regular
I appreciate that they probably do not have many staff working at this time, but I want to say thank you! I ordered a training top and shorts online on Tuesday Evening and they have just arrived! Didn’t particularly need any more GFC clothing, but its a small contribution to the club! Now to get out running!!!
What was the quality like Mozzer? (I assume it was the new Macron stuff?)
I've ordered training kit before but the quality of the gfc leisure stuff wasn't great.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Was very pleased here as well.

I ordered 3 tops when the shop opened (late Nov early Dec?). Didn’t think they’d arrive in time for Xmas due to time of year, Covid and RM being overrun. Normally takes a few weeks to Oz at the best of times. But I got them all a week before Xmas. And all excellent quality imho.

Thanks GFC 👍