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Tesco Sorry Over 'Gay Best Friend' Doll


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Tesco has withdrawn an inflatable figure labelled "gay best friend" and apologised for selling it.

It comes a day after the retailer was forced to remove a Halloween costume called "Psycho Ward" from its shelves after it sparked widespread criticism.

On its website Tesco said "The Inflatable g*y Best Friend" was suitable for children aged three to four and was an "amusing gift".
Doll Tesco is no longer selling the doll. Pic: Tesco.com

"If SEX in the City and Will & Grace taught us anything, it's that g*y best friends are in this season," the description of the product said.

"We've had the manbag, we've had leg warmers and iPhone fever, now it's time for the new craze.

"Although not much can be said for his own attire, your Inflatable g*y Best Friend is ready to give you fashion advice, tell you if your bum looks big and b**ch about everyone who doesn't wear Jimmy Choo's."



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Simon you take the gay best friend and I'll wear the mental patient outfit at the last game of the season and we can stick two fingers up at society mate.


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1) How did all of the decision makers at Tesco think this would be a good idea?

2) Who would actually buy an inflatable doll?

3) Why would anyone be upset by this?

I might be missing something with this. I can't claim to understand what it's like to be gay but wouldn't most gays would see this as stupid and laughable rather than offensive?

The Fear

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1) bet the chief buyer is in trouble!

2) you get comfort where you can!!!!!!

3) people love getting upset and indignant these days, it is almost an epidemic. I assume they don't actually have lives mate.