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Right then knowledgable Villans of the t'internet...

I need a very cheap tariff or the bailiffs will start moving in, so ever pound (or £30 in this case) saved is a bonus. I'm looking at Tesco Mobile and their £10 a month contract for 250 mins, 5000 texts and 1gb of data for iPhone.

However the reviews I have been reading on the internet about Tesco mobile do not look great, especially when getting a lower end tariff. COnsidering they use the O2 network I wouldn't have imagined service and network to be an issue, but the internet I have read is not great.

Anyone on Tesco Mobby and want to share their views...


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From the reviews I've read on the internet it sounds like they have horses in their customer service department and the network is as quick as transferring data as it would be for a horse to carry is 10k miles from a satellite.

Giffgaff has some good reviews, I'll give them a try, it's only short term and feedback to you all on how good or bad they are. Don't say I never take one for the team!


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I once got a request to do a reference for a mate who applied to tesco mobile. I really took the piss, highlighting amongst other things: his undercover work with the SAS, his Caberet act on the cruise ships, charity work in Africa and organisation of the millennium celebrations in London. I can't believe he didn't get the job!


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02 do a great PAUG tariff. You can buy a £10 top up per month and buy bolt ons for what you need that will come out of what you have topped up so you don't have to pay extra


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In Canada, (my Daughter lives there) people either have in general a mobile or a land line not both. Mainly mobile out there, from what my Daughter says. Absolutely nothing really to do with the topic asked but just thought I would throw it in the mix cos of what Rosie said


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I wasnt really being facetious either, If youre at the stage of bailiffs coming to take your stuff, mobile phones with data tariffs should be the least of your worries.



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Bailifs was tongue in cheek though reducing outgoings is a priority. So any actual consumer advice form my fellow brothers on tesco mobile. virgin mobile or giffgaff? I don't mind PAUG but I would rather spend a tenner and know it's a tenner rather than potentially racking up £30-40


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This is what i get through Virgin mobile (included s2)
£25.53 per month
3000 texts
600 minutes
3000 minutes to other Virgin mobiles
1GB Mobile Web

Tbh phone coverage isn't great, although they use T-mobile apparently...