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Love Terry, his contribution to saving our football club and building it to be one of the most exciting clubs in Europe at one point was immense and never truly recognised by the wider footballing world .

Been encouraging a few people I know to buy his book as a way of supporting him. (There's various retailers have it in Hardback and Paperback so if people don't want to use Amazon I understand.)

Currently on Amazon it's only £1.99 on Kindle so a really reasonable way of supporting him should you wish to do so.



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Bought online. Looking forward to it.

My first ever away game, Brighton, FA Cup 1983 1-1 draw at the old Goldstone. Terry Mac scored a screamer.

Not sure how many on here will even know who he is.


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Mate of mine (Liverpool supporter) who lives in Hong Kong said he bumped into him and KK in a bar when they were out there for a former "stars" 5 a side thingy.

Said they were absolute class, TM in particular, played table tennis with my mate's young lad all night.


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Too young to remember his first stint in the 70's but a class act in his second stint playing alongside one of my all time favourites (McCreery)

I can only imagine how much support he gave to Keegan during the wobbly times

This twat of a disease claiming another one
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Saw him many times during his first stint, thought he was our best player in the 74 Cup Final when Harvey made the mistake of stuffing out the midfield instead of playing Barrowclough who would have tormented Liverpool's defence.
Class act