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Team V Oxford


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I was just describing the goal as most won't have seen it yet I assume.
iFollow stopped working for first 5 mins of 2nd half.
Just interesting that for all Oxford's good passing play and chances created, the only goal they scored was a bad defensive error.
I also missed it 😁


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Yeah it's nice watching them comment on eachother's posts.

Great team spirit this year. Wish we could be at Priestfield to see it.
I was saying that to Mrs Nobby today, probably the most exciting team and best start to a season for years and we can't go and watch.
The petition to allow fans back into grounds has already reached 194k signatures so will be considered in Parliament, here's hoping 🤞


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I think teams like Gills are set up for this league, may not be extremely good for people who are not supporters, but my mind tells me Evans/Rayner are clever and will look after our club.
On the other hand teams like Oxford are set up for championship, are they good enough ? Do they and that manager think they are good enough, definitely COYG


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Yes, heard Lloydie and Watts mention this on Radio Kent before the much - apparently due to new Covid restrictions, teams can't share corridors and enclosed spaces hence why they have moved to a temp changing room away from us. I noticed at the Shrews game last week, we came on to the pitch about a minute before them and thought that was strange - guess this explains that too.
Well if that’s true, WTF are they complaining about? Probably similar at all grounds except those moneybags sides that have 4 changing rooms built in “just in case”. Not exactly our fault.


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Just looked at the table. 4th and I love it 👍

Struggling to see how that Oxford team have W1 L3. Astonishing. They can’t have played like that previously surely?

Unless of course they have mullered everyone and just keep missing like yesterday.

Edit - just checked. I see they beat Accy 4-1. Lost to Sunderland and Lincoln. I remember first game of the season lot of Lincoln fans saying despite winning 2-0 Oxford were very good. Not sure about Sunlun game.
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