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Team V Oxford

Gills 58

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We are getting slaughtered. F### knows how Oxford haven't scored. Hilarious.

Need to have a midfiled in the 2nd half. Looks like a game of attack v defence. I'm.concerned that if/when Oxford score, the floodgates will open. On the other hand, if teams don't score in periods of domination then they come to regret it. Surely they can't carry on like this. Evans to sort them out at h/t.


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Christ! How on earth are we 2-0 up?

Fairly even game until we scored. When we went 2 up I thought we’d go on with it. But since then it’s been all Oxford.

We seriously need someone that can keep the ball and pass it to the simple option. We keep giving it straight back.


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Well Oxford have done everything but score and we have done everything but miss!
2-0 is the minimum we need if the Gills goal comes under the same onslaught from Oxford in the 2nd half.


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I think a little half time brandy to calm the nerves is in order. The defence has stood up prety well to the Oxford onslaught. Agree with everything said about Bonham.


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I’m not too sure how we can change it with the players available.
In normal circumstances Demsey and Okeefe would anchor the midfield but for all the excellent effort, these young lads are struggling.
If we hang on to three points it will be a fantastic effort.
Maybe another early goal to settle it down.
Robinson’s half time talk must be the easiest ever.


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Question for the more experienced exiles, how do you deal with blood pressure? Does shouting help?
Hold my beer. I’ve got this covered.

It’s near midnight here, so shouting, although the best option, is off limits.

I might have to switch iFollow off, put some calming music on the headphones and either go to bed and try sleep for 45 mins. Or lay down in the corner if the room in the foetal position until it all passes.


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Completely my fault for paying zero attention but I missed 30 mins of this game as I forgot it was a 1pm kickoff.

Why on earth was it a 1pm kickoff?

Saw nothing but Oxford battering us as soon as I tuned in