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Team v Ipswich


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What a result. I think everyone else has summed up my take on things in the posts before. So pleased we beat them. Now officially marks 10 years of Total Dominance. I await the DVD that will no doubt be made soon. :grinning:


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Class Act just like DF!!

I still had an ounce of respect for Lambert after getting us up two divisions all those years ago, but he seriously lost the plot yesterday and looked like a deranged loser. He stooped to a low level and at one point I found it funny, yet slightly sad at the same time. Once he was our Saviour, but in comparison DF was a Master in control. As my brother texted me, one was a Winker the other was a ........... I witnessed that wink watching live and it was brilliant. Refused to stoop to Lambert's level.

After listening to interviews after the match, I found the German easier on the ear than the Scotsman....he was never an easy listen , but I have now lost all respect for him after yesterday's shenanigans.

Very unladylike language , but what a t**t! Ipwich town deserve him. They deserve each other.
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Steve from Oz

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Well its not all that bad really. You have to go down to come up so all they've got to do is repeat what we did - win League 1 first time around - after all they have the same manager as we did so he knows what to do!!.