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Talk next Season


Vital Reserves Team
There you go.
Penalties and we lost.
In truth we are not a special or exceptional side.
I suppose KJ is responsible for style and signings.
In that respect, no offence intended, Marquis is not a match winner.
Also in my view Ollie has been neglected as he was up front when we were flying and scored as many as Curtis.
This side lacks flair and would have languished if promoted.


Vital Squad Member
Is everyone happy about signing Sean Raggett and re-signing Lee Brown. Personally, I am and especially before the proposed salary cap.
Apparently we've been losing 700K per month, does these leave anything in the kitty to make more signings?
I think Marquis can score goals if he gets the right service and not left on his own up front.
Kenny needs to change his approach, or maybe we need to change Kenny. If a salary cap is imposed, will that leave us money to pay a new manager?


Vital Reserves Team
In truth, it is yet to be seen what unfolds in the future. The cap is being encouraged to prevent many many clubs going bust. Regrettably I think that a lot will. In that respect, Pompey should weather the storm and a player might choose us over others because of that. Brown and Raggett yes but there could be many excellent players wanting a new home later. As for KJ, the Eisners are in charge and if they think and decide on change it is up to them. There must be a few wonder managers soon available though similar to Chris Wilder and Nathan Jones