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Takeover hypocrisy TORY STYLE


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It's MP's from all parties Rza, not political point scoring. Sheffield MP is labour, Scottish SNP MP John Nicolson, Lib Dems are against Saudi involvement and Tory Karl McCartney.


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It like sour grapes they can’t stand the fact that we would be able to compete with the likes of Liverpool, Man City/Utd. I wish they would all just mind there own business.


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The state of Qatar secretly offered $400m to Fifa just 21 days before world football’s governing body controversially decided that the 2022 World Cup would be held in the tiny desert country, leaked documents have revealed.


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That's the stupid **** who voted in favour of the Saudi led war in Yemen. Hypocrisy just doesn't cut it! Every single one of those hypocritical ***** do not want this takeover to go through because of one simply reason = jealousy! Imagine being a football club worth 10 times that of PSG or Man City?

All this shite about piracy - had mobdro on a fire stick for years streaming BeIN Sports, fucking wankers! Hope their boss gets convicted, then what will hairy hands have to say about that? Haha fucking gorilla wank **** fuck dickhead!'

Warning! Had a few schwallies tonight!
Just the Saudi's alone have a worth of 50 times more than the owners of PSG. Factor in the Rueben brothers who would comfortably be the 3rd richest owner in Britain.

Ignoring the wealth that is potentially coming in, just being allowed to spend what we have is a great leap up. Then we have the unused potential of selling stadium sponsorship and merchandise sales to top up. Football and the Ashley generation are in for a massive shock when we will all of sudden be feeding at the top table.