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Table After West Brom Draw

The game reflected the predictions with only 2 posters picking up a single point - Bob and Macc.

BFCPete - 18 pts
Bob H - 17pts
Macc the knobber - 15 pts
UAE - 15pts
Bear - 14 pts
Prem - 13 pts
A1 - 12 pts
BfcLuke - 12 pts
SeasideEssexXile - 10pts
Suffolk - 6 pts
Abel - 1 pt

UAE Seasider

Vital Football Hero
If only our useless manager had brought Wine Lodge off the bench to score an injury time winner I would have had 5 points. Grrrrrr :taz:
If only you took the opportunity to actually predict the score properly instead of copy pasting each week trying to win by the law of averages you might have also had 5 points :lol:

Well done Bob you are on a roll