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Ok huge game as we all know, avoid defeat must be the remit, a win would be huge and put 8 pts between us.
Without Emi im yet again worried we will be slow in the middle with our build up, and Pukki is worrying me again looking jaded and slow to get his shots off.
I would hope Mario will be dropped for this game, he never takes his starting chances, only looks good off the bench or on free kicks!
I am concerned with Pukki off his game and no goal scorer in our reserves that will be looking for a point rather than 3! To keep in the top 2 we have to have a forward man bang on it.
Would you sub mario for maclean? I would.
I would like to see Dowell playing as i know theres a player in there waiting to perform.
Would you keep faith with the frustrating Platcheta?? If only the lad had a finish he could be lethal.
i really hope Hourihane doesnt keep up his scoring record against us, hes a massive show of intent from the swans.


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DF says this on the draw with Boro:

'I don't have any doubts in my mind, the lads are doing fantastic and deserve all the praise. We spoke quite honestly and said we wanted to finish in the top six this season. This league is about consistency, when I judge our last performances against Middlesbrough they signed two new players, players from injury came back and they were just outside the top six.'

We also had players back from injury and a new player. Seems a strange comment.


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He also said that against boro we had key players missing.

'We played without key players and didn't allow them one chance against us. '

I don't think we had many if any key players missing and they had 3 shots to our 0 on target and had 12 shots at goal.


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He also says that Krul only needed to make one save against Boro and we were the better side for 75 minutes


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DF doesn't sound 100% confident about tomorrow:

'We're going to Swansea and we're going to try our best in a difficult situation, this is our third game in six days. Emi is unavailable, Jordan Hugill is unavailable, Adam Idah was out for months, Onel Hernandez was out for months, so I'm not expecting any miracles.'

A win is not a miracle. Bloody hell all these miracles.


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DF now says that it is really tought for him/us because we have no options to swap things about or change the system.

So why didn't we go into the market for a new forward then?

He also says that if Hugill was fit he could have played up top with Pukki and given us a different option. When Hugill was fit how many times did DF play them together? Just sounds like excuses.

'Emi is a key player, it makes a difference when he's available. Jordan Hugill was fantastic in recent weeks, we could mix it up because he's completely different to Teemu Pukki. We could play them together or mix up our game a little bit more. We are a bit more flexible, it's always better to have a few more options. Right now it's difficult because we have to stick to the same players who are available and they have to deliver in all three games.'

Strange comment again because we do have Idah - Dowell - Hernandez - Sorensen who could come in and mix things up


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He said that the same players have to play in these three games as key players are out........What? For me Emi is the only one who'd be in the 11 if fit and Hugill would be on the bench. DF is making out that we are missing lots of players.


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DF says that Pukki is a different player when Stiepermann, Emi and Hugill are not playing with him.

Sounds like he is making excuses for Pukki's poor form of late.


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Sounds like DF would take a point from Swansea now. Saying any points we take back are important.

He says that they haven't had time to think about Swansea - I hope they have.

Canary Kevin

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DF doesn't see too much different in the game tomorrow from the pat too.

I hope he does change the side
If DF says there is nothing different to the last two games them there is no need for me to engage with this game. Maybe, I will just get excited watching my painting dry.