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Swansea match report


Vital Reserves Team
What an enjoyable game to watch. We were very good, right up to the last pass or the shot (if the shot actually came). We had 17 shots but could/should have had so many more but that last pass simply didn’t live up to the move leading up to it.

There were some sublime, quick passing movements that led nowhere. It shows what we can do. Now to add the end product. We were deserved winners but we got away with quite a bit at the back. That lobbed effort by Bogle. What was that all about? What was his intention? Back to Carson is the only thing I can think of and it was poorly executed. He can be thankful Keogh rescued the situation. That partly made up for his 2 glaring errors where he was chasing back to cover a long ball behind the defence and allowed the attacker to run past him and get the ball. It’s not that he isn’t fast enough, just that, as he has done in the past, he chose the wrong “path” leaving room for the opposition player to get past him and win the ball without having to go round him, just past him.

Lawrence. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. So much skill, speed and ideas. All of which seems to lead absolutely nowhere. There is, indeed, a great footballer in there somewhere. He was that player at Ipswich. He is that player for Wales. Derby need to stop playing him out wide as that is not where his strengths lie.

We managed 4 shots on target. How it was that few is another riddle. On the basis of play, the game should have ended 7-3 or thereabouts. Poor shooting and poor final passes meant that there were only 4 and 2 shots on target. Mount had one shot go out for a throw in. Another where he controlled it with his chest and should have hit the volley rather than teeing it up with his foot which allowed him to be closed down and put it high and wide.

We are making too many wrong choices and the big scores won’t come until the decision making process gets better.

Wilson. He needs to practice using that right foot. On the ball he is so predictable.

Carson 6

Bogle 6

Keogh 6

Tomori 6

Malone 6

Bryson 6

Huddlestone 7

Mount 7

Wilson 8

Nugent 7

Lawrence 6
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