Swansea 0 City 4 Stats Link & Post Match Reaction & Debate

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The City Speedometer - Unbeaten in the Premier League since 5th April 2017:
P25, W22, D3, Goals For 72, Against 16
Pep Guardiola:

"Today I am so happy with our players. We need the whole squad to compete until the end of the season.

"I am so happy with David Silva. He is so sharp and I am happy for his goals. Now we must focus on Tottenham on Saturday.

"We have a desire to play well - to keep the ball as much as possible and regain it when we don't have it. We like to play for the fans and everyone has effort."
David Silva:

"We didn't talk about the record before the game to be honest.

"We go game by game to win and you saw that today.

"Apart from the victory, we are playing really good football. For that, the fans are enjoying it and we are happy for that.

"On Saturday, we play Tottenham and we have to be focused. They are a very good side so we will see."
Pep Guardiola to Match of the Day:

"Considering we have a lot of games in our legs, a demanding game at Old Trafford three days ago, we were solid, we were serious and we made a good performance. You suffer and enjoy, like a manager you see many things. When the team play good we are happy. Our feeling - we understand what we want to do. We play good inside, outside. I'm so happy for David (Silva), we cannot disguise his quality but in the past he didn't score too much goals. He's sharp, he's in an amazing condition."

Could complacency kick in? "That is not going to happen. We are so demanding for our players. We can lose, we can drop points but complacency, never happened in the past, the present or the future. Winning 15 games in a row gives us a lot of confidence. If people are happy watching us that is the best gift."
Paul Clement to Match of the Day:

"At times it was horrible to be on the sideline watching that, seeing my side trying but suffering for long periods. They're not the games that will decide our season but it was hard to watch at times because they were so dominant. For me, one of the best sides I've ever come across. So many good athletes, so many intelligent footballers and it's really hard to pin them down. We actually had some attempts on their goal so I'm disapointed we didn't get on the score sheet but they were a far superior side to us. We've got to put it aside that game. We got Everton away (next) and we've got to try and pick something up there."

(will the club spend in January) "If we're going to sustain Premier League status that's a must."
Bluedub - 13/12/2017 22:27

Great to see Aguero get his goal, hopefully that's the spark he's needed to go on a goalscoring run.
He wanted it badly and does not like being out of the team. I also loved the way that no matter where the opposition is in the table they played with the same intensity in the all the other games.


Vital Football Legend
Johnny Baguette - 13/12/2017 21:55

We've now pulled in even further away from Liverpool and Arsenal. The rags were battered by Bournemouth but De Gea saved them again.
Dare I say it but neither of them are going to win the league this season.

Come the weekend we need to put Spuds dreams on the back burner too.

Just watching the highlights (again) and the uncharacteristic miss from Silva after the sumptuous 17 pass move at the start of the second half, the one where he steps over and receives the pass from Agüero........it bounces up just as he goes to stroke it into the net and comes off his shin and not his boot. That would have been a special goal.