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Suspended for helping!?


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Railway worker suspended after rescuing disabled woman

A railway worker who helped rescue a disabled woman after she fell onto a train line has been suspended over allegations his actions broke health and safety rules.

The man, who has not been named but is believed to be a security guard in his 60s, was one of four people who pulled the elderly wheelchair user to safety after she fell from the platform at Southend Central railway station in Essex.

They went on to the track and lifted the woman, who was strapped into her wheelchair, on to the platform just minutes before the next train was due to arrive in the station.

However c2c, the company which runs trains from Fenchurch Street in London to Southend, has chosen to suspend him.

A spokesman said: "We have strict rules regarding correct safety procedures and an employee has been suspended while our investigations into the incident continue."

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what worries me is we are taking away people's ability to think for themselves, all the signs, rules and nonsense, the younger generations won't know what free thought was, it will all be spelt out for them.

Evolutionarily, it has to have an effect.


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It's not just Britain though Merlin it's happening all over Europe and America the problem for me is these firms would rather see someone die than be at the risk of a fine from the HSE for not following their crazy guidelines.


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Health and safety Nazis.

I took a flight recently for the first time in a few years and it struck me how much like those sci-fi films in which a despot is controlling the world against the will of the people the world has become. It's like Total Recall with all of the scanners and armed police everywhere.