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I thought it was very good they seem to be getting better every year... The late come back from San Fran made it...

I didnt catch much of the season this year only got 2 or 3 games in...

I went to my mates rugby club they had a big party for it was pretty good party naturally I got pissed...

I was going to bet on the 49ers to win but funds were low on Sunday so I opted out but still cheered them on...


Vital Football Hero
i dont know much about American football but i watch the superbowl, every time i have watched it i have been very entertained even if it does go on until 4am.

I honestly thought the 49ers were going to win but they just ran out of time, 1 more minute they would have won. similar to the superbowl in 2011, pittsburg steelers were way behind but came back in the second half and only lost by a few points.

Its more exciting than watching the villa lose every game thats for sure.


Villa Princess
Of course I watched it! Mr Siggy's team is the 49ers and I hate the Ravens with a passion. I was crushed the 49ers didn't win. Of course it seemed the ref's were helping the Ravens out a bit during the game.

Pride of Lions

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Superbowl?...... I'm more interested in my super bowl of cornflakes.

Apparently, it's more like a pop concert with adverts with a bit of "sport?" thrown in......



Vital Football Legend
I've never watched it. Perhaps if I was in America I would, just to have something to talk to the locals about.

Did you see the superbowl? sheesh, what a game. Those guys really went at it.


Villa Princess
Fear, I think you would get interested if you watched a game with Brownie and I. If you don't know what is going on it can be very confusing.

The Fear

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Yup. Agreed Siggy. The plan was to come over during a season but things haven't panned out for obvious reasons.

But also, over here, coverage is sporadic and late. It wouldn't be the sort of thing I would wait up to view!