Sunderland administration

I work in chicken town and the rumour is they're going into administration on Friday. I heard it from someone who rarely misses a game, anyone else heard this
I don't think I could resist my gut instinct which would be to laugh my cock off. The real victims though, would be small businesses who rarely get paid in these circumstances. The clubs just reform after shitting all over the people they owe money to.


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Cant see any reason behind this being true, unless they owe HM Revenue and Customs a fortune, if they did, we would have heard about the court operation.

Ellis Short is not going to just write off what they owe him.

Seems fanciful to me.


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Sounds like there may be some truth in it:

Preparing to drop the bombshell?



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If that was the case, they would have spent the dough in the summer, improved the squad, then tried to haul back the 15 points.

They trimmed the workforce by 40%, in April as well.


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Bad (expensive) signing after bad (expensive) signing. Roy Keane set them off on that path - they've yet to recover, really.

Makes our bad acquisitions look half decent.


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In a relegation spot now. Could be a long hard season or rather, it will be a long hard season. Administration or not the chances of resuming our acquaintances with a derby game seem as remote as ever.