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Sunday's match


Vital Squad Member
I have butterflies. Looks like there will be around 1600 County fans in attendance at Barnet. May well outnumber the home fans.

I don't want to imagine winning and being in the hat for the 3rd round as this would compound the disappointment of any defeat.

Trying to have the mindset that we have done very well in the Cup this year... the profile of the club has been raised and we must be prime for investment.

Mind you a draw and a return at Edgeley Park under the lights and knowing who we will play in the 3rd round could be tremendous for the clubs coffers.

So yeah... I have butterflies!


Vital Reserves Team
Keep your chin up, Cropped. You are a died in the wool County fan which means that you are used to your hopes being dashed on the rocks of defeat but County being County the hopes often soar upwards to shower us all with a rain of pride and joy.
Whatever happens on Sunday there is always, most importantly, the League. Fingers crossed we shall win.
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