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Summer transfer window thread


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David Platt – from Crewe Alexandra to Aston Villa (1988) – from the English fourth tier in 1988 to England National team in 1989
Rob Jones – from Crewe Alexandra to Liverpool (1991) – from the English fourth tier in 1991 to England National team in 1992
I said non league ! Plus Crewe had a fabled and respected academy which churned out untold future stars, Grantham didn’t !! 😎👍


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They are all overpaid chap, all part of the PL razzmatazz
except for brice if wd kept him then..?

over 100k is still a small percentage of players tho nd we arent there yet and theres no investment in the player.
Personally, i dont think the difference between a good keeper and an average one will decide whether we play well this season and it really is going to create a wealth gap amongst the playing staff so wouldnt be happy with it for those types of reasons, I like equality, i cant turn it on and off when it suits:)

Havnt seen enough of him to judge really, but then who has, hes hardly played for a year, supposedly decent tho so happy with the player themselves, just 120k? Nah im still not having it, must have been some deal, especially as they refused us the buy option


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Think he scored an even better one against Newcastle. Cup game I think
I was there that day ! January 1997 , at st james’s park , think it was dalglish’s first home game in charge after keegan left. Two brilliant goals from woan, I was sitting with all the fookin geordies and had to just sit there in silence when we scored! I was bursting! All the forest fans up in the corner going mental! What a top day that was 😎😎😎
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