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Summer Transfer Rumours


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you would think that cardiff would want to place him somewhere higher than league two. for his possible use to them next season, for his development and to keep his value up. same applies to bogle personally. and his agent.
hurst at ipswich for instance?


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Players I've seen linked with us.
Collin of Notts, back up keeper?
Franks of Stevenage and Sowummi of Yeovil, potential defenders?
Grant of Peterborough and O'Connor of Notts, O'Connor seems likely here.
Ward and Lloyd of Peterborough both linked and both could be useful additions.
Yet another Peterborough player in Kanu potential loan and the latest forward linked is Bogle of Cardiff again on loan.
Mandron and Taylor also mentioned earlier on but gone quiet on those two.
Wonder how many of those will actually sign?
One or two?
What are his wages going to be at Cardiff? £10,000 per week? Who can afford that in League Two? Forest Green can, if the £12,000 per week they are alleged to be paying George Williams is true. What does joining 'the smallest club in the Football League' (they aren't, but never mind) say about the ambition of a current Welsh international?

There were rumours on Wednesday night of a couple of incoming signings at Mansfield by the end of the week, but tonight Lady Radford issued an apology on Facebook when they didn't materialise. Sounds like something went wrong - I wonder whether Bogle might have been one of them?
£12k?! Where’s that been reported?


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Surely not Akinola again haha. 6 in 48 for Barnet and less than glowing reviews all round, after that carry on... not that bothered.


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How many times does DC have to say that he will not bring in someone who is merely making up the numbers. Why not listen to official club sources before posting drivel?
Oooooooh get you missus:throw:. Anyway to develop the debate further I would counter that we cannot afford to have 22 players that are starting 11 so perhaps somebody like Akinola would be squad fodder a bit like Whitehouse last year = come in/on to do a job