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Summer Transfer Rumour Thread

For what its worth i think its a reliable source (compared to the average itk account at least). I also think its a realistic transfer

He is 26, which isnt a typical Appleton signing, but Gillingham are the first team to give him a proper run of games and he has shown his potential maybe later than the average player. I think he would be a player capable of achieving what the club is looking to achieve..

As for will it happen, we know we will lose two first XI wingers in the summer so it will be a key area. However there is still a couple of months where a lot could change the situation. Lets see, i wouldnt complain.


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On paper it would be a good signing, he stood out as their best player against us and his set piece plays and general crossing is very good. Why wouldn’t he be a usual MApp signing, he has a similar profile to McGrandles. 26 yrs old should be a player coming into his prime. Not every player has to be a 20 year old Premier League academy reject to be a good signing.