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Sir Laz

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Is he worth a punt ? Apparently his representatives have contacted Newcastle and offered his services.He currently has no club so he is available.


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Nope , exactly the sort of player we should be avoiding . It'd be a similar mistake to the signing of Carroll. Minus the coming home, geordie bollocks.


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Can you be more specific ?
31, injury prone and past it! As Keggy said - a non Geordie version of Carroll.

He went on loan to West Brom (after choosing them over SDU if I remember rightly) the got injured after 5 minutes and ended up playing a whopping 6 games and scoring zero.

The Pyrry

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We need goals, he does know where the net is (historically). I would give him a short contract to the end of the season ... nowt to loose .... only fatties wages ! But I think the squad number declarations may put pay to it anyway .


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This has "Danny rose" written all over it. Except at least rose had a club. There's a reason sturridge doesn't, and has already been said he turned us down for West Brom and there's no squad space anyway.