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I would not be surprised to see BJ get a start to add that bit of "bite" to our midfield. 3 of the front 5 yesterday were 5 foot 8 in two cases and 5 foot 6 in the other and all 3 about 8 stone dripping wet. Marriott and Mount are both 5 foot 10 so there is no size, weight or strength up top. Bryson and Waghorn would be good calls as well.

Back 6 as is or with Bogle back if recovered.

Mount Hudds Bryson/BJ in midfield

Wilson Marriott and Waghorn up top.

More bite to that team than yesterday's and designed to stand up to Stoke's physicality.
make sure your wrapped up well at the ice station zebra sorry bet 365 stadium . you,d be warmer at the top of ben nevis . when i went to that league cup tie about 10 years ago i had tears in my eye it was that cold . be watching it the pub though
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