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A really pleasing first half, we were excellent with the ball and strong on the press. But you can tell Stoke despite being battered still pose a threat, especially on set pieces they've looked very dangerous. So we've got to be careful as Stoke will come on strong in this second half and bring on Campbell who will add pace to the front line.

The lads have done themselves proud so far and 1-0 flatters Stoke.


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Sublime, simply sublime football from all if them.
Oh, if only Butland hadn't made that good save from Naismith audacious attempt.


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Urgh that Lowe miss feels like one of those chances we had earlier in the season and then went on to drop points. Really could have done with the second after that good spell of pressure.

jeffs right

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5-0 if not for those couple Lowe misses, oh well. I'll still take this
That's Lowe for you though.
Nice easy win. Maybe this revival could do with playing players in position and making substitutes like for like. Hope this continues next season.
Get safe then quick holiday then get preparing properly with decent friendlies for next season.
Oh and we'll done again tonight Paul Cook.