Still Not Going to Panic


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Overall played well against a one dimensional side who are as ugly to watch as they have been the last few times we've played them. That said, they beat us, but I know which one of us will be up there come May, and I doubt it will be them.

Some good performances and Maupay is a pain in the arse for defences. Some good stops kept him and Watkins out, Sawyers too although that wasn't the most powerful shot. But for a few inches for Nico....but somedays it goes like that for you.

Dean let us down for the second goal, should have just hoofed the ball into the crowd but the guy did him and a corner resulted. A corner badly defended and Dean stood out as being nowhere. The whole ground seemed to think it was cleared, only one Ipswich player called for the goal that was eventually given. Barbet made a couple of very telling last ditch tackles, but I am not impressed by Dalsgaard, to easily beaten and not that impressive going forward either as I keep being told he is.

On the bright side, McLeod will soon be back, we've still got Josh, Sergi and maybe Judge (if he's even half the player he was), Jota will be back too. Someone is due to get a hiding from us when it all clicks into place and that will kickstart us. We're only four games in don't forget. Plenty of time and let's get the bad run out of the way early.

Spanish Bee

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Worth a look at this article, I still think the signs are still good. Be glad to see end of xfer window though.


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Very good article Spanish-better than the hatchet job on MB, done by Martin Samuels in the mail last week!

Played ok yesterday vs a very powerful dangerous team. Been a better week & we'll be ok once we get the window closed as you say.


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We played well against Wolves who should be one of the top sides on that showing. Not often we play a 0-0 draw but it could easily have been 2-2.

Encouraging signs I though which should raise confidence. We have done well after an international break in past seasons and the Villa game suddenly is massive...for both teams it has to be said.