Still no CM this season?


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Totally disillusioned with football at the moment Cuck,been to our first two home games in that soulless soupbowl where we lodge. WHU have been sold down the river by the Dildo Brothers and that Tory mattress Brady.Our current manager hasn't got a fucking clue and has totally lost the plot, players constantly played out of position, no tactics whatsoever against anyone we play. Like you we haven't really signed anyone decent, Hernandez looks ok but that **** Hart on 175k a week is a joke, he cost us two goals against Spurs on Sat. All the Sky money has vanished as has the money that the Boleyn was sold for, even the Payet money vanished, we sold around sux players so net spend was zilch. These cunts make Ashley look like a Saint. Worrying times for the fans but I seen this coming, a lot of the old crowd have gone and I will be soon I reckon.


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Gobsmacked that you signed Hart - he's fucking awful.

Surprised at the dip in fortunes in such a short space of time mind. Changing grounds really does you over for a couple of years both on, and off the pitch.

Fortunately for you there are still several worse sides around, so your shower won't be relegated.


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Sudden dip in fortunes not at all, luckily there were worse sides than us otherwise we would have gone down and probably deservedly so. This is our record since last January, played 25, won 6 and conceded 44 goals, shocking and under the current regime with a puppet as a manager it will only get worse. What summed it up in a nutshell for me was that tramp Brady writing in her weekly newspaper column saying that she hoped Spurs win the league, this on the morning of the derby against them. Greedy capitalists the lot of them.............,like how many fucking millions do you actually need in your bank account?