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stick yer bill


Vital Reserves Team
The men in suits,
fluorescent fascists,
and those who are MP's,
have comprised a bill,
that's attacking us still,
for Salmond's group o' fannies.

Bigotry and racist bile,
they claim to remove,
but their power is abused,
you misuse the bill,
at your own will,
and see it that jobs are refused.

your proud of your work,
despite the reputation of Celtic fans,
being worldwide renowned,
the acclaim received in Seville,
shows that you can stick yer bill,
and stop attacking kids on the ground.

a helicopter,
kettle tactics,
horses and aggressive dogs,
disproportionate policing - quite clear to see,
now we all chant - ACAB,
still Lawell refuses dialogue.

we are not sectarian,
we are not criminals,
so let the people sing,
their stories and their songs,
cause celtic fans have done no wrongs,
we'll not be silenced by anything.

rip jimmy

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