Stats: Newcastle United v Brentford


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All the stats from Newcastle United (3) vs (1) Brentford, St James' Park, 15/10/16 Att: 51,885

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Sadly a bit of a let down on the pitch, we weren't in it & the 2 cheap early goals killed any game plan that may have been set up beforehand. I felt that we we stood right off across the midfield and allowed Shelvey & co to pull strings, when we had the ball their pressing was intense and we didn't have the quality or strength to get out. We think we have some prized assets, on this display they have a way to go the be at the level of the very best in this division. I was hoping to see Woods, Sawyers, Lewis & Nico play well - not to be sadly. An over fussy and card happy ref didn't help to be fair - soft yellows dished out again. This was a bit of a reality check, we all know that the resources are so much greater at these top clubs but I'd hoped to see us compete and show some of what we're about when we play properly.

That's now only 4/18 points away which is a concern, with tricky fixtures to come & the skipper suspended. Once again we need to step things up a little, as we've done before

Mustn't overlook the fact that Newcastle is a fine city and a great football away day - the friendly respectful locals made a refreshing change to some others that we encounter. I only feel sad that we may have looked like a plucky lower league side up for a cup game rather than what we actually are. Memories of the game won't live long, but those of the visit to the toon certainly will.

Need to give the team our strong backing again up at Derby and then make our 4000th league game something special.


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Agree with all of above. Great trip but the game was effectively over after 15 minutes. We seemed to give them a lot of space in the middle.


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Nice to meet you Saturday, Rebel.

Thought we were in far too much awe of them during first half and then once the killer third goal went in suddenly found some balls.
If we are serious about going up we have to close the obvious gap in quality there is, and it's not a small gap either.
BUT, for me, the only way to get close to challenging clubs like this is to sneak a promotion and accept we'll be whipping boys for a year and come back. But we'll have the parachute payment to help build a stronger side for the next assualt on promotion. When clubs can afford to pay for the likes of Pritchard and not use him, the gulf is growing and we can't afford to be lagging behind. Parachute payments are making this a two tier league.
We gave their wide men far too much space and one person at the back was guilty of losing his man three or four times in the first twenty minutes, and it was not Harlee, who is getting another uncalled slagging from faceless nobodies on Twatter. I thought he had a decent game and his booking was pathetic from a card happy ref.
Nice to outsing them and show them what support was though.
On the plus side, we drew the second half LOL


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Good summary and you are right about the stacked finances rewarding incompetence / failure. Unless we are in the hunt come January we will struggle to turn down a big offer for SH. Maybe £15M and look to bring in another for £1M, I hate the thought but it is the reality of our situation and the only other way to help bridge the gap.

HD did nothing wrong at SJP and would come back in as skipper on Sat for me, mind you I was slaughtered and dealing with vertigo. I got to the stop of those stairs and nearly hit the canvass. took me 30 mins to get my breath back, luckily I got help from sherpa Tensing.

Thoroughly enjoyed our little drinkie CB, covered lots of ground considering we were dribbling.

Great support on both aways - wish I could've been there last night.